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Title (101) Estimate Status Type Author
sc-client-api is not named correctly Trivial Free Refactor kianenigma
High CPU usage calling Backend::usage_info Trivial Free Refactor koute
Make Assets Pallets Privileged Roles Option - Free Feature joepetrowski
Conviction Voting Pallet emits event on vote and remove_vote Trivial Free Feature muharem
Automatic weight sanity checker - Taken Feature kianenigma
Incorporate fuzzers into conformance tests - Free Testing liamaharon
Make composite_enum generalized Difficult Free Refactor xlc
Scheduler: an overweight task removed silently Trivial Free Fix muharem
Introduce checked PerThing arithmetics Trivial Taken Refactor ggwpez
Extend GetCallMetadata with indices Easy Taken Feature ggwpez
Test UI of storage_alias Trivial Free Testing ggwpez
utility.dispatch_as error handling Trivial Free Feature sander2
Defensive ops API design Trivial Free Refactor benluelo
Runtime API to dispatch call and return events Good First Issue Taken Feature xlc
Allow runtime-wide TryState checks Easy Free Feature ggwpez
Tracking issue for adding try_state hook to all pallets. - Free - kianenigma
Switch proc macro docs to be on re-exports so we can have do... Trivial Free - sam0x17
[Deprecation] Deprecate individual hooks traits like OnIniti... Easy Taken Cleanup kianenigma
election-provider-multi-phase: Add extrinsic to challenge si... Easy Taken - emostov
#[must_use] for benchmarking components Trivial Free Feature ggwpez
Rebalance Vote or Delegation in New Conviction Voting Pallet Trivial Free - shawntabrizi
Vision: Improve Developer Experience with better Config Trai... Easy Free Refactor shawntabrizi
FRAME Benchmarking CLI Flag for BenchmarkError Behavior Trivial Free Benchmarking shawntabrizi
Weight refunds for staking extrinsics potentially using Sort... Easy Free - emostov
Vision: Execute a hook after inherent but before transaction... Easy Free Feature xlc
[Deprecation] Explore deprecating the staking chill extrinsi... - Taken Cleanup emostov
PalletId should be hardcoded into Pallet, not exposed as Con... Difficult Free - shawntabrizi
Initialize New Accounts with Nonce Equal to Block Number Easy Taken Feature shawntabrizi
Update Lock amounts based on slashing. - Taken Feature kianenigma
Benchmarking / Weight pipeline should use a single number ty... - Free - shawntabrizi
Use Verify::Signer for the offchain SigningTypes trait defin... Trivial Free Refactor rakanalh
Switch ValidateUnsigned over to SignedExtension - Free Refactor jimmychu0807
And gate for EnsureOrigin Trivial Free Feature gavofyork
Move StakingLedger struct definition and implementation Good First Issue Taken - gpestana
Revisit staking ledger stake calculations and consider refac... - Taken - gpestana
Staking force_unbond Trivial Free - kianenigma
Come up with more scenarios for the Staking integration test - Free - Ank4n
Way to enable/disable a phase in EPM Trivial Free - Ank4n
pallet-staking: track total unstaking amount - Free Feature kianenigma
revive sub-du in utils/frame Difficult Free Feature kianenigma
Nomination pools: allow for re-stake Easy Taken Feature kianenigma
Improve file structure Good First Issue Taken Refactor xlc
Improve XCM debuggability Good First Issue Free Refactor xlc
PVF: Throw error if worker process cannot spawn necessary th... - Free - mrcnski
PVF: Compromised artifact file integrity can lead to dispute... - Free - mrcnski
Review calls requires root origins and determine if we can r... Good First Issue Free Refactor xlc
Remove references to Peer ID from session topology - Free Refactor rphmeier
Add a unit test for force-approve in approval-voting - Free Testing rphmeier
Increase validator spread maximum from 16 to 24 - Taken - gavofyork
[FRAME] VersionedCall Good First Issue Free Refactor xlc
Child bounty improvements Good First Issue Free Feature xlc
Not possible to implement AtLeast32Bit for signed number Easy Free Refactor xlc
restore disable-runtime-api Good First Issue Free - xlc
Requires a deposit for setting session keys Trivial Free - xlc
Ability to charge extra fee for operational transaction to p... Easy Free Feature xlc
impl_runtime_apis! {}: prevent the use of Self Easy Taken - kianenigma
[FRAME] Enum UpgradeCheckSelect should be a bit flag Trivial Taken Refactor ggwpez
Fix erroneously double incremented and decremented consumers - Free - liamaharon
pallet-xcm: waive transport fees based on XcmConfig Good First Issue Free Feature acatangiu
Remote externalities download slows down at the end Trivial Free Testing ggwpez
Have all the special storage keys in a single place Easy Free Refactor xlc
PVF worker: add security restrictions to child job process w... - Free - mrcnski
refactor polkadot-runtime-common Difficult Free Refactor xlc
More specific errors for decrease_balance Trivial Free Feature liamaharon
[remote-externalities] Batch calls scraping child-tree data Easy Taken Feature liamaharon
Drop unnecessary privileges in node - Free Fix mrcnski
PVF: Re-check file integrity before voting against; document - Free - mrcnski
[XCM] dont ignore errors Good First Issue Free Refactor xlc
Improve XCM emulator decl_test_parachains semantics and docs Good First Issue Free Feature 0xmovses
Deprecate ValidateUnsigned and #[validate_unsigned] Trivial Free Cleanup ggwpez
[FRAME] MQ processor should be transactional Easy Taken Feature ggwpez
Remote Externalities: Start downloading KVs early Easy Free Feature eagr
consider refactor CliConfiguration in such way to reduce its... Easy Free Refactor xlc
Investigate passing pallet index as const value Trivial Free Feature bkchr
[FRAME] Pallet hook for the first time a pallet is added to ... Easy Free Feature liamaharon
failed to spawn a prepare worker: TmpPath Easy Free Fix Nexus2k
[collectives-westend] Setup xcm benchmarked weights instead ... Good First Issue Free - bkontur
[CI] Generate READMEs from crate docs Easy Free Feature ggwpez
Improve debuggability in wasm Trivial Taken Refactor bkchr
XCM regression tests Good First Issue Free Feature xlc
Refactor staking test modules into own files Trivial Taken Testing gpestana
Broker: Use relay chain blocks for leadin_length and interlu... - Taken Refactor bkchr
Allow ranked-collective voting with ranks below the minimum Trivial Taken Feature bkchr
subsystem-bench: Generate PoV sizes for TestConfiguration im... Good First Issue Taken Benchmarking AndreiEres
subsystem-bench: Extract prometheus endpoint launching from ... Good First Issue Taken Benchmarking AndreiEres
improve fellowshipCore.setParams and related code Good First Issue Free Refactor xlc
[FRAME] Deprecate old scheduler traits Good First Issue Taken Cleanup ggwpez
[FRAME] Executive invariant fuzzer Good First Issue Taken Testing ggwpez
Consider implementing a checked_mutate for all the mutations... Good First Issue Free - gpestana
Consider using CountedMap for ledger-related storages - Taken Refactor gpestana
Mark Currency #[deprecated] - Free Cleanup liamaharon
VersionedXcm is not created with versioned_type Trivial Free - franciscoaguirre
pallet-xcm transfer_assets should take fees separately inste... - Free - franciscoaguirre
fungibles methods should not consume AssetId Good First Issue Free - liamaharon
Change identity raw data values to be generic Get<u32> Good First Issue Free Feature ltfschoen
[xcm] depositing multiple assets to inexistent account shoul... Good First Issue Free Feature acatangiu
[Pools] Remote Externalities test for DelegateStake strategy - Free Testing Ank4n
Replace env_logger with sp_tracing Good First Issue Free Fix AndreiEres
[MQ pallet] Dont warn for low on_idle weight Good First Issue Taken Fix ggwpez
Backport integration tests for claim assets to the polkadot-... Good First Issue Taken - bkontur
Make Westend Inflation Parameterize-able Easy Free - kianenigma